Here's some quick insight into DMB pitchers performance that might help you be better understand pitcher performance in your replays or league play. Many are used to measuring a pitchers performance in terms of his earned run average (ERA). However, DMB gives you a more insightfull method to gauge a pitchers performance by use of the DMB reports module. You can create a custom report (as shown below) which includes not only the pitchers ERA but his Component ERA (CERA) and his Runs Created ERA (RCERA). If you want to know how the CERA and RCERA are calculated, please refer to the DMB glossary.

Both the CERA and the RCERA are more effective measures of how a pitcher will perform than strictly using his ERA. In the report below, take a look at 1944 Hank Borowy.  In the actual 1944 season his ERA was 2.64.  However his CERA and his RCERA are 2.98 and 3.18 respectively. Based on this data, I would expect that more often than not Borowy will pitch closer to an ERA of  between 2.98 and 3.18 than he will to his actual ERA of 2.64. In fact during testing of the dps1944 season, Hank Borowy has an average ERA of  3.06.

DMBJim-Jim Wheeler