An update to DMB11's historical player database is now available. The updated historical player database includes additional players who have made their MLB debut since the start of the 2014 season and that were not already included in the database that is a part of the version 11 game. This update is not required to be able to use a DMB season database, nor is it required to create players and import biographical info from the players that are included in a season database. 

This is a non-essential update and will be unnecessary for most DMB users. The historical player database can be helpful if you are creating new players from seasons that you don't already have installed, but it's much easier to import a player from an existing database if you can. 

The historical player database includes biographical information on everyone who has ever appeared in the big leagues, including some players who have yet to make the big leagues but who have appeared on a recent DMB projection database. It DOES NOT contain any player stats or ratings, but does include names, nicknames, batting and throwing hands, birthdays and universal IDs for real-life players.

If anybody would like this update, please contact DMB support for the update file.

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