The Virtual Franchise Baseball League is in need of a single owner. The league has been around since 1993, it is extremely active and currently in the midst of offseason activities. Ownership of DMB v11 and the 2016 is required, once the final spot is filled we will be forwarding the information to be listed on the compliant list.

The league is made up of 28 teams separated into to two 14 team conferences. Those conferences are then divided into two seperate 7 team divisions. 162 game schedule with the 5 best records from each conference going to the playoffs. The 4 and 5 seeds face off in a best of 3 then move on to a best of 7 format the rest of the way.

The league is hands on, you play or simulate your home games then send the second half of the weekly series to the other owner to play theirs (or play head to head). Rosters are made up of 35/40 min/max spots with 25 players ont he active roster until September when everyone may be called up. The league uses DMB's replacement level feature once a player hits 115% of their real life value.

Contracts work with as a rolling payment to each player based on auctions for those who were released. The player salaries increase by 10% each year with tiered levels after certain lengths of time. There is an auction for each player that has been cut. There is also a supplemental draft for anyone on the disk who falls below 15IP or 50 PA's. The supplemental draft consists of 2 18 pick rounds, with the 18 non-playoff teams from the year before receiving picks based on records, with the top 3 picks determined by a weighted lottery. This draft is set to begin today, February 4th, via email. The team that is available has two picks in the draft (#7 and #24 overall).

After the draft is completed we will move to a ballpark draft for anyone looking to switch their current stadiums, then a auction of all available players who were released. This auction runs for around 4 weeks, with around 25-30 players going up for auction a night and remaining available for bids for 3 days. The highest bidder receives the player, then gets to retain him (with a 10% raise in pay each year, with tiered levels at 4, 6, and 8 years of being signed).

Regular season wise there is a database sent out weekly and owners are responsible for playing their 6 or 7 games that week. Weekly series are against the same team with one half being played at home and the other on the road. Roster adjustments are allowed before each week's games are played, but can not be changed mid-week unless someone is being added or removed from the DL. The disks are usually sent out on Tuesday and games are expected to be played and sent to the admins by Monday.

The league is very active, with almost every owner constantly participating each week. Owners are scattered throughout the country, but seem to be more located in the Northwest than anywhere else.

We're looking for one person to take over the team as soon as possible since the draft starts today and the auction is coming up. Would prefer someone with experience in hands on leagues but that is not a necessity. The only necessities are that you own DMB v11 and the 2016 season disk and are willing to spend time on your team.

If interested please email [email protected]