After 5 long years, I have gone through and updated my All Time Team Greats season disk.  If you're not familiar with this, this is a season disk I had created a very long time ago and maintained for several years.  However, these past 5 years I have had varying interest in baseball and spent more time with my family and photography hobby.  But the baseball bug caught up to me a few months ago and I began work updating it with players through the 2016 season and have completed everything.  Sorry it took so long and I can't guarantee when a future update might occur.

This disk is in DMB v11 format and I no longer make this disk available in older formats.  If you have an old version of DMB, then I highly recommend you purchase v11!

Essentially I chose what I felt was a players best single year in his career, and what ever team that was with is the team I placed him on.  This doesn't mean I have 'every' player in baseball in this disk!  Quite the opposite.  I only chose players that had very good, or for some teams, 'good enough', single season stats.  No doubt there are many opinions on not only which player to pick, but how to select that players single best year, and I know folks will take issue with some of my choices, but that is part of the fun of baseball.  If you disagree, you can always modify a player and change him to a different team as you see fit.

Please note, I do not claim to be an expert at creating ratings for players in DMB.  (Hats off to the folks at DMB that create these ratings!  What tedious job it must be.)  I have always done the best I could and think players are appropriately rated, but as such, I'm not a statistician nor do I have the time or ability to go extremely in depth to calculate all ratings.  (For that, I suggest you purchase the DMB Team Greats disks!)  However, I do believe my ratings are fair and accurate.  I do not have the desire to attempt creating 'split' ratings and entering split stats, so if that is something you wanted, I'm not your guy.  (That is simply "way" more work than I would ever attempt and for a great many players I wouldn't have access to those stats anyway.)  I also do not do any replays and statistical analysis of those replays to help change ratings based on outcomes.  I don't have that kind of free time in my life!  I simply rate the player for the year I chose and leave it with that.  (My drive behind this disk is basically I wanted the best Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, etc. and wanted to play them against each other for the fun of it.)

After long last, I have finally added the final 4 expansion teams!  Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks.  (You'll note I use some 'historical' names for the teams in this league, such as Brooklyn Dodgers, but of course you can rename teams if you wish.)  I have aligned the leagues and divisions to match the same layout as in MLB today.  It was a bit tough finding quality players who had their best year for each of these teams for a few positions since they haven't been around that long historically, but I managed to fill out each roster and am pleased with the results.  A hundred years from now there will be no shortage of greats to select for each of these teams, but then someone else will have to worry about it!

This season disk contains 1,674 players, 30 teams, managerial profiles, vsL & vsR lineups for both non-DH and DH, pitching rotations, depth chart, a 154 game schedule, leagues and organization.  This is very subjective of course, so by all means re-create lineups, rotations, schedules, etc. as you see fit, because that is the fun of a league disk like this.

It also contains all ERA data allowing you to quickly change which year (ERA) you wish to play in.  And there is also a single ballpark assigned to each team.  I would like to thank David with DMB in following up getting permission allowing me to include the DMB historical ballparks included in this season disk!  I realize it is only relatively a few ballparks, but it is very much appreciated to receive permission to include these in my season disk.  If you have other ballparks from season disks or the historical ballparks disk, then of course you are free to import many more ballparks/years to assign to a team as you see fit allowing you to play a team in a variety of parks from past history.

And the fun doesn't stop here.  I have also compiled a 90x135 player photo pack for use with this season disk.  I have included an image of each player wearing the appropriate uniform / hat for the team that I have placed him on.  There are a few exceptions for very old players that don't have an identifiable uniform in the image, but for those guys it was an accomplishment finding a photo for them.  (p.s. - This is the first and last time I will try and create a photo pack!)  I realize it's just basically searching the internet, baseball reference or google, etc., but it's quite tedious to download, crop, resize, rename, etc..  Also, if I receive any objections to images included and them being copyrighted, I will of course comply and remove the download.  The images are cropped down to mostly a players head and resized so small to be of no value to anyone and I believe folks are able to redistribute small thumbnail images like this under fair use, but if there are any issues, my approach would be to remove the download.

I also have a file available to download containing several DMB style ballpark stadium images.  Most of these images I suspect most folks already have, including the ones that originally came with the game, but there may be a few there that you don't currently have.  These are the standard 600x600 ballpark image files with the green colored background.  This will allow you to assign an image to ballparks inside this disk as you use them.

The link to the download page is:

I have a quick instruction link there explaining how to install things.  (Basically I'm using the 'Tools' - 'Create League Database' function.)  It's somewhat hard for me to verify the instructions are accurate since I already have the disk installed on my computer, but I believe them to be correct and accurate as this was the same approach I used for past versions of my disk.


Keith Hemmelman