Here are a few tips regarding the use of the Annual Season Database:

1. Two new ballpark image files have been added for the 2016 season, Rogers Centre (new full dirt infield) and Marlins Park (new outfield dimensions). These image files are available for free download from the Park Images page on the Diamond Mind website.

2. We have prepared notes that you can view through the Notes page of the Organizer window. We recommend that you take some time to read them, as they contain useful information that may answer questions you might have about using the season database, the statistics and ratings in the database, and what you can expect when you start playing games with it.

3. The 2016 Annual Season Database is prepared with the real-life transactions and game-by-game starting lineups feature turned on, real-life opening day rosters (meaning that players who were disabled on opening day in real life are also disabled in this season database), and the "as-played" 2016 schedule installed. By "as-played", we mean that postponed games are listed on the dates they were actually played.

The use of real-life transactions and lineups requires that the rosters and schedule be exactly as they were in real-life. Feel free to change rosters or switch to the original ("as-scheduled") schedule, but if you do, remember to change the settings in your organization or league so the use of real-life transactions and lineups is turned off.

4. The season database includes multiple player records for anyone who appeared with more than one team this year. These players have one record for each team and one combined record that reflects their overall performance.

If you wish to release all players into free agency and draft new rosters from scratch, start by using the Release all players command and then use Delete team-specific records. Both commands can be found on the Tools menu.

If you don't run the Delete team-specific records command, these multi-team players will be drafted more than once. And this command must be used AFTER releasing the players, because it deletes those team-specific records from the list of free agents, not from team rosters.

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