Just like I have done for the 70s - 00s, I just finished a Best of the 1960s disk. To save some typing, I will copy from my previous posts about those disks:

March 2011:

I have been working on creating Best Of... seasons for each decade and have played a couple of test seasons with the Best 00s and Best of 90s disks and thought I would share them with the DMB community to see if anyone be interested in playing these seasons and/or helping me make them better.


For each decade disk I put together a roster for each of the teams playing in for most of the decade (so the Rays and D-Backs are not on the 90s disk, but the Marlins and Rockies are, for example) where players were assigned to the teams where they played the most/best during those 10 years. I then era and park adjusted each players best five seasons and took the average of those 5 seasons to create their DMB statistics (for players with less than 5 years, I still divided by 5, so they have fewer Gs).


I did a similar exercise for fielding stats and calculated ratings from those stats, but I would love feedback on the defensive ratings if anyone wanted to look at them.


I have also created schedules and depth charts, so the seasons should be ready to just go ahead and get started.

For the 1960s disk, I do not have the split and injury data that I have for the 80s - 00s disks (so, it's more like the 70's disk in that way) but I do have a picture pack for the 60s disk as well.

All disks are located at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B17KpfVF_UzYOGYyODVmZGEtYWIxZC00MDRjLWFlZDktZjM4YmI4OTY4ZGZh. Here is a recap of what is included for each of the decade disks:

Adjusted Stats
Ratings Based on Real-Life DataL/R SplitsInjury Rating Based on DL DataClutch Rating Based on Real-Life DataScheduleDepth ChartsPlayer Photos
Best of the 00sxxxxxxx 
Best of the 90sxxxxxxxx
Best of the 80sxxxxxxxx
Best of the 70sxx   xx 
Best of the 60sxx   xxx