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In order to help incentivize leagues to make sure that all of their members own the DMB software, DMB is beginning a new policy to help ensure compliance. Actually, this is not new, it was started by "Pat" several years ago. Here is how it will work:

The League commissioner sends DMB the following information for all members of their league BEFORE the completion of their season. Ideally, to avoid potentially violating DMB's licensing agreement, this should be done before distributing the League database file.
  • Full name
  • Email used to order from the DMB website
  • Order number (helpful, but not required)
If all members own the DMB game and season software, DMB will award the winner of the league with a gift card in the amount of the cost of the season database being used. Participation is open to all DMB leagues and is NOT limited to leagues that use the most recent season database.

League commissioners can send their league information for verification to: [email protected]

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