A gamer named ariscotle built the original set with Topps cards and headshots. I've fleshed out the set and replaced the headshots with action shots and some of the horizontal cropped cards with those from other game companies. The set can be downloaded here:


Flag me down at [email protected] with any questions, omissions or errors. Some other notes on the set:

-- A few "better" Topps cards were subbed in from team sets and the update set.
-- A few naming mistakes were corrected; for example, there are two Matt Duffys and two Jose Ramirezes in the set.
-- Topps vertical cards used where possible/available except in a few situations that I can't remember. Eliminated all cropped horizontal cards and replaced them with cards from other game companies or action photos.
-- Players who had a Topps card but did not appear in the 2015 season, like Rymer Liriano or Shae Simmons, were removed.
-- All headshots replaced with action shots or baseball cards.
-- All players who appeared with multiple teams have a photo/card for each team. The format is 10000.jpg for the first team and 10000b.jpg and 10000c.jpg for subsequent teams.
-- I may compile an alternate set of cards from other game companies that can be added to this set to replace photos and even out the balance between Topps and other companies, if I have the time.

If you need a quick reference online to matching 2015 players with their UID numbers, it's here:



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