I'm looking for a way to generate a single report containing the game-by-game batting logs for all players in the database. 

What I'm currently doing: Under the Game Log report type there is a standard report for Game-by-game batting. This report allows you to select any individual player in the database and gives a single report showing batting stats for each game played. This report only shows the single player that was selected. 

What I'd like to do: Generate a game log report that shows ALL players in a single report. Ideally this would have player name on each line next to the game date, but even having player name as part of the header (that's how it is on the individual report) would be fine. Least ideal option would be generating a series of reports for each individual player via the web site generation using a Game Log report group, but this also doesn't seem to be availalbe. 

Team fielding and other team based report types allow for an option to include all teams when outputting to printer or file. It doesn't appear that this option is available for the Game Log report type which would be the simpliest resolution to what I'm trying to do.  Is it possible to generate this report? If so, how?  

Note: I've tried modifying the dsr report file to change the designated report type to get the other non-Game Log report type options, but each of these attempts tries to aggregate the stats instead of giving me the stats for each game played. I haven't messed with the "content" section of the dsr file since I haven't seen anything particularly different compared to other reports that are giving the desired all inclusive result.