With the release of the 2015 Season database,  and with many leagues preparing their database for the new season, it seems an appropriate time to offer the following reminder to all league commissioners to check with DMB Support at [email protected] distributing your league database to your league members.

Quoted from the DMB Help files:
DMB Season Disks are copyrighted products. This means that you are breaking the law if you send a copy of your League Database to anyone who does not already own the DMB game and the DMB Season Disk upon which your league is based.

Suppose, for example, you are serving as Commissioner of a league based on the 2015 Season file. If you send copies of your League Database to the Managers in your league, you must ensure that those Managers are legal owners of DMB Game and the 2015 Season file. If not, you will be distributing copyrighted material illegally.

We can help you make sure that you are not inadvertently sending illegal copies of our copyrighted products to people who are not entitled to receive them. Send us a list of the Managers in your league, or tell us where to find that list on your league's web site, and we'll check our database of registered owners. We'll get back to you within a couple of days if there are people on your Manager list who are not entitled to receive the League Database.

In summary, we want you to play in leagues, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to operate and play in those leagues. Use the Transfer tools to distribute your League Database, but make sure your members are DMB owners in good standing.

DMBJim-Jim Wheeler
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