Geez, I just landed (again)it appears almost everyone previously is either banned or like myself has given up posting w/ all the personal attacks that seemed to start here, go to Delphi and multiply far out of control. Community is good but,....Perhaps a vote for CIVILITY on Spos new DMB Forum and adherence to the RULES and keeping the posts in line with just the game and much less of the "et all"? Inquiries, info, statements and beliefs are one thing but, the  vicious and childlike attacks, phoney registrations have gone WAY to far for me to think of continuing, ... to each his/her own but, I'm gonna claim there is SOMEWAHT higher ground to stand on? It IS just a game, ....THE game "yes"" but, just a game, attack it, the "management" is one thing, complaints w/ solutions are good but,... Anyway, my vote is for DMBSUPPORT to close this down and go on to the new place and let's just "undo"... since we have that button here?